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Steven Harper

Steven Harper is a wilderness guide, consultant, author, and artist. He has led both traditional and experimental wilderness expeditions in the North America and internationally for 40 years.

With an MA in psychology, Steven focuses on wild nature as a vehicle for awakening, and his work is inspired by a deep connection to inner wild nature. He has contributed to and written in the emerging field of ecopsychology, and has taught workshops at Esalen Institute and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and other retreat venues for over 35 years. A long-time student and facilitator of Gestalt Practice in the tradition of Richard Price (co-founder of Esalen) he continues to be curious about the inner wilds and wellbeing through somatic pyschology and practices from a variety of wisdom traditions and cultures.

As a naturalist and avid explorer, he has experienced many of the wild areas of world and lived and studied with several indigenous native peoples. Working as a wilderness guide, Steven has taught for numerous organizations, including the National Outdoor Leadership School and Colorado Outward Bound, leading expeditions on five continents.

He is the active father of two sons and co-creates with his partner, Janna. A longtime resident of Big Sur, Steven designed and built his home and studio where he divides his time between leading wilderness workshops, facilitating for groups and organizations, painting, writing, and family.

Thanks, Steve

P.S. Just in case you were wondering... I am not Stephen Harper the past Prime Minister of Canada.

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